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My name is Will. 


I'm a photographer located in Northwest Austin, Texas, versed in:

  • Family Portraits

  • Headshots

  • Senior Photos

  • Arangetram photography

  • Pet photography

  • Product photography

  • Newborn

  • Graduation portraits


Email me: ;  or call 

Tel: 830.542.9653.

I like to call myself an "accidental photographer".  I had been using my phone for years, who needs a camera when you have one in your pocket, right?


In 2014, I adopted a new dog, Zuko.  He's the brown boy featured in my pet portraits page, accompanied by his sister, Sokka.


This all started because I wanted to take better pictures of my dogs.  Pretty simple goal, right?  I bought a fancy new camera with all kinds of bells and whistles.  


And for the life of me, I could not figure out how to use the darn thing.  This led me to start taking classes at my local camera store, watching YouTube videos, Googling frantically...And I still couldn't figure it out.


So that led me to enrolling at The Department of Professional Photography at Austin Community College in 2015.  It was just supposed to be one semester, to FINALLY learn how to shoot in manual on my new camera.  The fundamentals course taught me how to shoot (Yay!  Finally!), but also how to edit, and print, which is its own complicated little adventure.  At the end of that first semester, I realized I wanted to keep attending classes, and so I did.


And I absolutely fell in love with it!  Especially portraits and studio work.  


I had never had a creative outlet before - I can't draw, paint, sculpt or anything else.  But I am a geek and very good at technical stuff.  Photography is as much science as it is art, and turned out to be perfect for me as a source of creativity.   


After several years, and multiple camera upgrades, gear purchases, classes, shoots, failures and successes, I'm very happy to be doing what I'm doing, and so very happy to share it with you.


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